Travel Bag Tips for Women

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  • Ready Bag– Keep a small soft case carry-on for 1-2-day travel ready for weekly business travel and a slightly larger firmer travel bag for 3-5 day travel. With a carry-on bag, changing fights or opting for an earlier flight is much easier to do and having business attire with you always is essential when traveling on a tight business schedule.
  • Dress Dark– Wear dark color pants when traveling. White and other light color pants do not hide chocolate and other travel foods gently left behind in your seat from the prior flight. I found this out the hard way. Dark pants hide spills and can often double with a business jacket or blazer for one business day meeting.
  • Makeup bag– I keep two prepared make up bags in my ready to go suitcase, one for makeup and the other for liquid items, 3 oz or less, in a clear makeup bag.  This makes it easy to remove in security check lines if necessary.  Must have items include basic makeup such as foundation primer, foundation, blush, mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss or chubby stick and a neutral eye-shadow.  I keep a travel toothbrush, tooth paste, solid deodorant, hairband, band aides, and an anti-inflammatory such as Motrin for those headaches and other travel aches and pains.
  • Shrink Bag-A dear friend of mine introduced me to the magic travel shrink bag. She travels with her occupation as well and she had the unique opportunity to observe a fellow female travel companion condense a ten day packing trip into a five day suitcase with these magic shrink bags.  She was in travel awe of this women’s ability to pack so many items in one bag.  She gave me a shrink packet as a gift, like a true travel “bestie” would.  I prefer to use the bags for my dirty laundry, rather than as an effort to condense my full closet into my overnight suitcase.  Because the bag is only used for dirty laundry the bag has been reused for many, many travel trips.  A shrink bag preference of mine is the Smartbag or the Ziploc SpaceBag.  As mentioned above, these bags can be reused multiple times so buy the smallest box possible and reuse!xtra bag space


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