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computer-desk-email-7112In March I had the opportunity to attend a power luncheon in Oklahoma City with a professional colleague of mine.  The event was hosted by a nonprofit organization,  Oklahoma Women in Tech (OKWIT), and the luncheon topic was focused on measuring effective leadership.  The lunch had a panel of speakers and the attendees could submit questions via an app for the moderator to ask the panel members.

Full disclosure, I love professional development and opportunities to learn from others based on their experience, talents and wisdom.  On a personal level, I am oddly motivated by incremental increases in levels of new information.  When I attend conferences, business meetings or working lunches I like to create goals so that I can consider the time spent a value and quite honestly the goal will help me to keep my ever roaming attention focused on learning something new.  My goal at this luncheon was to leave with with three leadership tips and to think about what those tips meant to me.

This is what I took away with me from the luncheon last month:

  • Challenge & Support: A leader should challenge the team to reach new goals, try new actions and achieve higher levels of success.  The leader should also support the team.  It is not enough to only challenge, but a sign of good leadership is  the support the leader provides to the team as they meet the challenge.
  • Act like you belong: Be secure in what you do and act like you belong.  If you are not, “fake it till you make it”.  It is important not to hide behind your own self preservation and to challenge your own stories.  Tell yourself that you belong and that you should be there, because you should be.
  • Most influential years: The most influential years of a persons life are between the ages of 55 and 75.  This means that everything we do personally and professionally before this time is practice and is in preparation of our time to be an influence on others and for others.  Keep this in mind if you have not reached these influential years and remember that you are building wisdom, creativity, sensitivity and experience that will be of significance during your most influential years.




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  1. leighchardonnay says:

    Very informative. I like the comment about the years from 55 – 75 being my most influential years. I need to be more careful about thinking before I say something.

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