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Health and Beauty: Sun Burn Relief

sun glasses in the sandIt’s hard to believe that I am going to talk about sunburn relief today, when yesterday it was snowing here, but I was recently reminded how good this stuff is. I was talking to Cate because she had just been in Florida with her family. Her husband and one son are fair skinned, like me. She said they were out walking the beach, and it was overcast, and her son managed to get sun burned. As a fair skinned person who burns and peels and burns and peels again, I feel his pain.
BUT I have what I think is the worlds best kept secret for sun burn relief. And even though I try hard NOT to get burned I have found a product that RELIEVES the pain, AND actually turns the RED to brown and keeps me from peeling.
Clinique After Sun Rescue Balm with Aloe

Clinique after sun rescue balm
I usually buy mine at the Clinique counter at a local Dept store, but it looks like you can order it online from sites like  Ulta Beauty and Amazon. Trust me when I say this, BUY it before you go on a sun based trip.  It will be your NEW BEST FRIEND! It can be hard to find when your sun burned, and often times more expensive! But it is worth EVERY PENNY! If you are tired of being tormented by sunburn pain then this is the product for you!

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