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My morning routine involves as little talking as possible. The longer that I can have quiet time by myself in the morning, prior to full on conversation, the better it is for everyone in the Mommy splash zone.   Morning is not my favorite time of day, yet early rising is my routine.  My husband, shift 1, is up a full hour or two prior to my awakening somewhere between 5:30-6:00 am, which is thoroughly annoying as it makes me feel like a complete slacker.  The competitive side of my brain wants to be first, but the logical side of my brain says, “don’t bother”.  The advantage to this “waking in shifts” routine is that we each get our private morning time, exercise, email check in, and quick clean-up time of whatever was left undone the night before prior to waking the third shift.

The third shift involves waking two middle school boys and it can be a challenge and downright unpleasant, so total mind, and full body preparation is a necessity for shift one and shift two (me) when waking the third shift of humans living in our house.  There is a fourth shift as well (two male college students) who come and go throughout the year and who frequently end their day around the time we are starting our next 24 hours.  This shift is almost like having ghosts living in the house.  You know that they are there, yet you may never see them.  You can smell them, hear them at odd hours of the night, and see things left behind by the 4th shift, but it is possible to live (off and on) in the same house and not physically run into each other.

Morning Mom routine tips:

  • Rise and dress in workout clothes. Pull hair in a ponytail and grab a Fitbit to track progress.
  • Prepare a 16oz bottle of “wake-up” water with fruit punch flavored C-4 Pre-Workout
  • If at home (and not on the road) I like to stretch my legs before getting on the treadmill. This can be done lying flat on your back with your rear pressed as close as you can get it to the wall and then extend legs up the wall.  Hold this position for at least 5 minutes.  Usually that is enough to flex the creaky right knee.  If time permits, use ten-pound weights simultaneously and extend the arms over the head in reps of ten to work on the mommy underarm while stretching the legs.
  • Take ten-pound weights and do a series of bicep curls, above the head, spiral curls and hammer curls.
  • Hit the dreaded treadmill. I personally strive for 4 miles each week day.  (weekends are enjoyed outside walking the border collies).  Depending on available time before work, this may be reduced to 3 miles.
  • Keep a box fan beside the treadmill to turn on high and minimize perspiration. The other “ignore the treadmill tip” is to DVR shows that could not be viewed the during working week due to time constraints.
  • Time permitting, add a few additional arm reps, unplug and turn off the television, treadmill and box fan.
  • Enter the middle school wake-up zone. Rouse the boys as quickly as possible, turn on lights, turn off ceiling fan, turn down covers and tell them they are running late and better hurry (this can be repeated multiple times), if that fails warn them that Dad will be up here soon.
  • Head downstairs to grab the piece of bacon, cooked and left by wake-up shift 1, cup of hot tea, and head for the shower.
  • Pass my husband (shift 1) on the way to shower (who is in route to take over the rise of shift 3) and exchange daily action items for the boys and logistics for the evening (make sure they take $ for X, parent signed permission slip, take instrument, remind them who is picking them up, remind them to bring home the homework they keep forgetting, dinner tonight will be X, and cooked by X depending on who will be late this evening).
  • Shower, apply makeup and fix hair.
  • Now it is time to select the working wardrobe of the day. Dresses are an easy and favorite pick for me as they are a one stop shop, professional, quick to put on, and can be more professional or conservative with a blazer or sweater and removed later if warm, or for an after work more casual look.  Living in Oklahoma places a shelf life on dresses and skirts due to the abrupt weather changes and our standard 30-mph winds.  Hose or tights are just more work than a person can muster on a week day morning so the weather must be warm enough to wear the dress or skirt-suit bare legs, and if not, dress slacks and a blouse, or a smart business pant suit are the professional go to attire for the day.
  • Somewhere around this time the boys are heading out the door to school. It is amazing that they can wake, get dressed, eat a full breakfast and gather school items in such a limited amount of time.
  • Exchange a quick “love you, have a good day, don’t forget X” pleasantry with the 3rd and 1st shift.
  • Add the heels (a good pair of heels can make almost any work outfit sophisticated), grab a blazer or light jacket, satchel or back-pack, a purse, clip the reading glasses on the front of daily dress or suit, grab the keys and off to the office.

Now it is time to switch to work mode and that is an entirely different routine…..


One thought on “The Morning Working Mom Routine

  1. leighchardonnay says:

    Omg and I thought my day was tiring! Morning routine is spot on for what you do. I knew you would have to be very organized to be a mother, raising 4 boys, two older, 2 younger. Your morning schedule alone makes me totally in awe. And this is just the beginning of your day. I always knew my Mother was a superwoman and you’re proof that there are others. I salute you all.

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