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This morning I left Oklahoma City at 7:00 am for scheduled meetings in Washington D.C. this afternoon and tomorrow.  As I prepared to catch my Uber ride to the Will Rogers World Airport, I thought of  Debra Jane’s recent blog, Tips for Traveling.  It is a great blog with lots of helpful tips, such as making your bag recognizable with a ribbon or something to quickly identify it as yours and verify that no passenger mistakenly takes your bag  home from the baggage carousel.

I agree with that bag tag tip as my overnight bag is black.  I do my best to always carry on so that I don’t have to worry about losing luggage when I need my suit and heels for a meeting tomorrow.  My bag is a soft side TUMI which can fit in most all planes and it is light to haul and has the four wheels that Debra Jane recommended.

Debra J advised selecting an airline that comes to your home airport, and again, I agree.  My choice is Delta.   I love Delta.  They upgrade frequent flyers routinely, and they leave friendly notes in my seat.  I frequently fly from OKC to the east coast and Delta does so easily.  Unfortunately, living in OKC does have a few downsides (very few), and one of those is that you can rarely get a direct flight ANYWHERE.  Ironically being located smack in the middle of the United States does not make your state a coveted location for an airline hub.  So from OKC through Atlanta I will go.

Along with my love for Delta airlines, Atlanta, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, is a favorite hub of mine.  A quick fact, Atlanta H-JIA is the busiest airport in world, according to a recent post in USA TODAY.  You might be wondering what it is that is so great about this airport, and I am happy to share.  There is food, and more food and shopping, and fast transportation between gates. A traveler can manage their way through the busiest airport in the world with less than 20 minutes total time between flights. I know this because I have done this a time or two.

There is also a Delta Sky Club located in each terminal!  These lounges are wonderful when you travel frequently. The lounge or sky club has fed me dinner so many times I can no longer count. It is a great place to catch a quiet zone, recharge some batteries, fire off an email or two from the meetings that day, call home to find out how the day was for my boys, and sit in a comfortable chair and relax before running off to the next flight (hopefully home).

In Debra J’s carry on blog she provides numerous tips for packing. I travel a bit lighter than Debra J, due to my lack of time and organization skills, and carry a backpack to haul the laptop and other necessities.   My favorite tip from Debra J was the noise canceling headphones. Never travel without those.

Another Debra J travel tip that I subscribe to is antibacterial  Wet Ones wipes.  I like to wipe the seat down on the plane, the hand rests, tray table and even the tiny television screen. Basically, I wipe down anything someone has touched before me if I can.  Once, I  found myself closing (trying not to wake them) an unknown fellow seat travelers mouth (pressing the chin up), ever so gently, while the traveler was sleeping, and snoring, opened mouthed, approximately one inch from my face.  I was very glad for the wipes after that occasion, and you’ll be pleased to know they rolled the other way and never woke up.

Thank you to Debra J for her travel tips and here’s to safe, germ free, travels the remainder of the week!

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  1. leighchardonnay says:

    Being a short female who doesn’t need much leg room in my airplane seat, I often find myself in the middle seat. I try to stay within the boundaries of my seat, yet I still find the need to “claim my space” from the larger passengers on either side of me. Sometimes there is an occasional drifting head towards my shoulder (I’m not a pillow) so I will nudge them and usually the head moves. I laughed out loud when I read about your sleeping seat mate.

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