life is a gift


Yesterday’s tragedy involving the Southwest airlines flight emergency landing due to an engine eruption and the resulting death of passenger Jennifer Riordan saddens me. Our prayers go out to the family of this strong, vibrant woman. Last week in Lu’s #sticksoutforhumboldt, we sent our prayers to the families and loved ones of the hockey players in Canada.

Life is short, life can end abruptly. That SUCKS!

But don’t stop living for the fear of dying in a plane crash, or bus accident, or out to sea. Reality is, it can happen as you leave the entrance to your subdivision.

life is a giftLIVE life to its FULLEST

LOVE the PEOPLE around you

DON’T wait to tell them how much YOU LOVE them

DON’T let silly, petty, why am I still mad at at you stuff get in the way. You NEVER know when it’s their time…or yours.

TREAT everyday as a gift. IT IS!

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