A Great Steak

Rhett's Meat MarketOnce a week I crave a great steak.  My preference is really more frequent than once a week, however, with an effort to stay healthy I limit this craving to a once a week treat.

A typical week of meals involves rotating my protein with chicken one evening, fish for another, a vegetarian protein,  ground turkey with pasta, and finally on the weekend a great steak.

My favorite cut of meat is a filet, grilled and served medium-to-rare.  Since this is a treat, I select the very best in town that can only be purchased from Rhett’s Meat Market.  Living in Oklahoma we are spoiled as the local market for meat is among the nation’s very best and Rhett’s is the place to go.

I love the feel of the shop, the friendly service, the pictures of baseball players and musician memorabilia on the walls, and the fact that Rhett cuts the meat himself and adds his special secret rub.   It is the best because Rhett ages the meat and adds his magic rub, which enhances the flavor of the aged meat.  He adds a container of mashed potatoes, at no additional charge, prepared in the meat market, and his lovely wife Sherry rings it up. They always have a game on the television and a smile on their faces as they wrap it up to go with fantastic service.

Nothing additional is required for dinner, except grilling the steak to perfection and heating the mashed potatoes and serving.

My favorite weekend meal is served!

Rhett Steak

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  1. leighchardonnay says:

    Thanks for all the kind words and I love the photo of your prepared dinner, looks better than what you see in the magazines.

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