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Work Like a Border Collie

Locked in 2During the day I spend a significant time with a computer, in meetings and traveling to meetings.  I enjoy what I do, like who I work with, and like helping the clients that I work for.  This work keeps my mind active, and it has me striving to improve my skills, and sharpen my focus so that I can provide better service.  For this I am grateful.  When I am not at work, or working from home, I like to spend time with my family, reading for pleasure, and I enjoy activities outdoors to retreat from the computer.  These activities include time outside with family, reading in the sun, gardening, hiking and long walks with my border collies.

I never discussed or thought about having a three dog family, but apparently that is what I now have.  Border collies are smart, very active and they too need a job to do on a daily basis.  They live for personal interaction and a task to complete.  They naturally guide the boys and any friends that have come over to play.  They instinctively line up in a row when playing ball. It is amazing to watch and with no professional dog training they seem to know exactly what they are to do and in what order to do it in.

When I watch their interaction I am in awe of the teamwork and systematic automation of the ball catching process that they display.  My occupational passion is supporting teams, through process improvement, all while delivering a quality professional service.  The border collies display teamwork to perfection, and they do so in a orderly process, with direct commitment to the cause.

The old border collie, takes on the job of cheering (barking orders with excitement) on the younger dogs.  She is 14 years old and can no longer out run the young dogs, but she is  not to be underestimated or excluded from work activities.  She can finish out any chase or dog game in play, and does not miss a treat or quick pat of applause. The male dog establishes the lead, never removing his eye from the ball. He crouches, locked on the ball, ready to go whichever direction the ball may take him.  The younger female dog will line up directly behind the male collie, or she will circle in the distance, waiting for a signal that the chase is on.  She keeps her eye on the male dog, locked on, and ready to move whichever direction he goes.

Once the ball is thrown it is like watching animal athletes master their craft.  They are fast, can maneuver like magic, and can locate their prize within seconds if not caught mid-air.  The male border collie catches it and immediately returns the ball to the “thrower” while quickly establishing the crouching, locked on, lined up process.  The young female dog is not interested in catching the ball, but is interested in catching the male dog. Her role is to deliver a quick nip to his side prior to the catch of the ball, or directly after the catch.  They seem completely satisfied in their place in the ball catching process and each have their own goal as part of this team.  These dogs are not professionally trained yet anyone can easily see that they have working DNA.  This is evident in the way they form a line, lock on to their target, and sneak up on the prey or the game.  They move in a row, one step at a time, with the second dog following the same steps and pace of the first dog, and finally the third following in the second border collies steps.

When watching the teamwork between the three border collies I have learned that team players love what they do.  They do what they do because it brings them joy.  They enjoy the sport of working together, they understand their role on the team, and they feel personal satisfaction from achieving their goal on the team.

If you work on a team, work like a border collie.  Locked in 3








4 thoughts on “Work Like a Border Collie

  1. leighchardonnay says:

    Love it. They are indeed the perfect definition of great teamwork. They are also such fun to watch.

  2. preetyvarma says:

    Border Collie is one of the best family friendly dogs. This dog breed originated from the Scotland. Collie is well-known for herding and protecting abilities.Collie is an intelligent and gentle herding dog. And also it is very loyal and has an amazing ability to foresee its owner needs.

    • Cate says:

      I agree completely. They are very intelligent and they are affectionate and dedicated to the job. Thanks for the comment!

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