Mar de Plaques

mur de plaques

I have this wall in the breakfast area, that had nothing on it. I have spent the last year contemplating what to put there. Our last house we lived in for almost 26 years. It seemed like it gradually got cluttered, and it wasn’t until I was de-cluttering for the selling process that I realized it had. plate grouping blank wallSo, in the new place I have been slow to hang things on the wall.  More is not always better.

But Saturday morning, in my process of putting away some props from a photo shoot ( I’m the stylist not the photographer) I had done in my kitchen on Tuesday, I was inspired. My house may be new, but we built it with details that resemble older homes. It has lots of French Country and farmhouse details, but still fresh and clean. My inspiration is the old French Country Farmhouses. I love traveling and especially love England, France and Italy. I love how they put together the old and the older and the really old with the new.

I have several round silver platters, the kind with an etched pattern and an aged patina. I saw a picture once of a wall with a bunch of silver platters all lined up in a vertical row that I thought was stunning. Since my house is French Country, I thought they might look cool on the wall, but as a grouping instead of in a vertical line. So, I started looking around to see what else I had. I found some small wooded “flat” bowls, a brown and a white carved charger, a couple of small shallow silver bowls and well as two decorative trivets. I stayed away from anything glass, this is a walk way of sorts, and I have a crew of “BOY” of all ages. I didn’t want to be heart broken if they knock something off the wall. From my pantry, I brought out the Patisserie sign that I had sitting on a shelf in there.

Instead of plate hangers, I used the 3M command strips .If you haven’t used them before, they are really easy to use. plate grouping in progressI started by placing the 4 bigger plates on the wall. Actually, I started by placing the 4 big plates on the floor in front of the wall. So, I could see what it would look like. I kept a little bit of open wall around the grouping like an imaginary border. After I liked the layout, I attached those plates to the wall. Backing up to admire, I mean check on the placement.  Then I added in the smaller bowls and the trivets. Lastly, I placed the Patisserie sign on top. While I was scrounging closets and cupboards for things to use in my grouping I found some other “cool” pieces, like some old copper jelly molds, and a Italian looking long rectangular tray. But as I played with them in the grouping they just didn’t “feel” right.  I liked the look of the monochromatic  color scheme, as I wanted all the pieces to blend together. Making me think of something I might find on the wall in a kitchen farmhouse in France. The Patisserie sign ties the whole collection together. I’m still debating if it is hung too high.French Country wall

I’m loving how it came together, makes me smile when I come in the kitchen. My daughter and I are dreaming about a mother daughter trip to the French Countryside.  Maybe soon! We can only hope!

bon appétit

Wall of Plates

6 thoughts on “mur de plaques

  1. leighchardonnay says:

    I love the final result. Using the pull away hangers is an excellent tip. I can’t tell how many times I’ve had to patch holes and touch up paint to correct my hanging errors. I like to rotate the art on my walls as my moods change just the way the art gallery or museums rotate their collections.

    • debrajane says:

      Thank you! it was so fun to do. This is my first time working with those hangers, but OH MY so far i’m hooked…I didn’t want to put any holes in the wall

  2. CrusinCate says:

    I have used monkey hooks to hang pictures but they still leave a hole in the wall. You will have to share later how the stips hold up and if they leave a mark when removed. Love the design and look forward to seeing it!

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