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With summer upon us so quickly here in Oklahoma I found myself scrambling this weekend to locate last year’s skin care products. Fortunately, Debra Jane recently posted information about a good product for fair skin.  While I fully intend to purchase her product recommendation for my fair skin son, I thought it might be helpful to add to Debra J’s suggestion with some favorite products of mine for other skin types.

First the face, always screen the face if outside activities are your thing.  I am a huge fan of Neutrogena products of all kinds. They offer products for different skin types, are affordable, and they never break me out.  My face is sensitive to makeup and lotions so I use the Oil-free Face Moisture with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) every single day as soon as I shower and before applying makeup.  When I have a day planned in the sun I move along to the Sport Face oil-free lotion with a broad-spectrum SPF 70+.

Neutrogena Sport Face

My skin is not fair so you may wonder why I choose to use such a high SPF on my face, but a few years back I noticed a dry spot on my cheek and a close acquaintance suggested that I see a dermatologist.  I did and found that it was a precancer spot. The dermatologist froze it something serious leaving my cheek without feeling for many weeks.  The incident gave me a much-needed wakeup call. I have olive skin which I inherited from my paternal side of my family.   I spent my childhood in the sun, and truth be known I still love time in the sun outdoors. I just do so with a hat and my SPF 70+ on my face now.

Another favorite skin care product of mine is Vaseline Intensive Care spray moisturizer.  This sprays on easy and is absorbed immediately. It is easy to use, and will not leave your skin oily or transfer to clothing.  Great for use after a shower.


If deep lotion therapy is what you require for dry skin, let me suggest Aquaphor Advanced Therapy also a spray on.  This is much heavier and best to leave on the skin longer for absorption prior to dressing.  This is great for use during winter months or during summer months after the skin has captured some sun and is in need of some deep moisture therapy. Aquaphor


Finally, if you don’t like the sun, or have decided it is best to keep to keep out of the sun, another option is self-tan lotions or sprays.  I have never been a fan of these because I find that they tend to have an unappealing odor that gets stronger the longer it is worn on the skin.  My nose is my superpower and smelly lotion is out.  The only self-tan lotion product my nose can tolerate is Jergens Natural Glow wet moisturizer. This can be applied after swimming or a shower and is best applied while skin is still damp.  It is lighter, has less odor, and adds a touch of color without turning the skin orange.


I hope you enjoy your summer months and that you take care of your skin while you do.


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