Navajo (Diné) Designed Jewelry

Memorial Day weekend 2017:

My husband and I took a road trip with our two younger sons to Santa Fe, New Mexico for a convention that my husband was attending.  We love to hike so we took our hiking shoes, hiking poles and water bottles to spend our time outside hiking around his conference sessions.

We love the Art in Santa Fe, the wonderful food, and the culture.

We have traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico numerous times in search of items mentioned above (art, food, hiking) and  I was determined, on this trip,  to purchase some local jewelry.  The Plaza has numerous shops with clothes and jewelry but after browsing through a few I decided that I wanted the piece of jewelry, that I ultimately owned, to be authentic. This led me to the Plaza and directly to the “Palace of Governors” where Native American Artists sell their craft.


Tourists come from all over the world to see Native American art.  Many visitors locate and view fine pottery, paintings, sculptures, and jewelry.

There was so much to choose from. I found myself wandering back and forth trying to determine what piece of jewelry to purchase, and I kept returning to the same booth and picking up the same bracelet.


The bracelet was a bit more expensive than some of the other jewelry on display, but it felt much heavier and the design was unique.  My husband asked the jewelry artist, Myles Roy Calladitto, many questions about the bracelet and he replied that he made it all himself.  Each piece was his own, and he learned the craft of jewelry design from his father.

Jewelry Designer: Myles Roy Calladitto

MylesMRC Artist BoothMRC&LDP

We made the coral stone bracelet purchase, and I have enjoyed many happy days wearing my authentic, Navajo (Diné), custom designed, bracelet.

Fast forward to 2018….

A good friend of mine, Miss Sherry, admired my bracelet and she set off to find Mr. Calladitto on her trip to Santa Fe in March.  She had a picture of my bracelet on her phone and she went to the Palace of Governors in search of MRC jewelry.  She showed each vendor a picture of the bracelet.  Finally, to her delight, she located a designer who said that he recognized the workmanship. She asked if the artist could point her to his booth and he said that he wasn’t exhibiting that day and she was disappointed until he followed with “I recognize the work of this jeweler because he is my son, Myles”.


To make a long story short, Miss Sherry connected with Myles after returning to Oklahoma and ultimately ordered and received a bracelet designed and made by Myles.

MRC Bracelet purchased by Miss Sherry

Sherry Bracelet

Sherry’s bracelet has turquoise stones (Kingman, AZ).

Myles provided the following description for Sherry with her custom designed bracelet:


Sunrise-Welcomes days


Clouds – Provider (rain, water, life)

Myles Roy Calladitto has been designing jewelry for 17 years.  He confirmed that his father taught him this craft and that he is the third generation of Navajo Jewelry Artists in his family.  The designs he places in his bracelets each have meaning.


If you find yourself traveling to Santa Fe, New Mexico please look for Myles.  He is a talented jewelry designer and you will treasure any purchase of his for many years.


Special thanks to Myles Roy Calladitto for providing and for allowing the use of some of these photos. 







3 thoughts on “Navajo (Diné) Designed Jewelry

  1. leighchardonnay says:

    Santa Fe has so many beautiful things to see and do, from fabulous art and Native American jewelry to almost every kind decorative object you can imagine. I was overwhelmed by it and wanted to see it all but it just wasn’t possible on this first trip since I was a young teenager. We plan to make more visits and I will definitely seek out MRC Jewelry. I love the tradition of the Native American Indian passing their skills down through generations and designing and creating such beautiful pieces of jewelry. Thanks for sharing this family’s story.

  2. leighchardonnay says:

    I love the blog, you did a great story on Myles and I’m certain he and his parents will be impressed. All the photos are really add to it. Made me want to jump in the car and head back to Sant Fe.

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  3. CrusinCate says:

    You are welcome. Santa Fe has so much to look at with the art and local culture that I am certain one could return multiple times and find something new each time. MRC jewelry is a hidden treasure.

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