Yardwork beautifies the yard and relaxes my soul

Rainy Saturday

Here we are May 15, the Tuesday after Mothers day. I know it may be hard for some to believe, but my wish for Mothers day was to spend the day working in the yard! Our new yard. I will get to that soon, first a bit of background.

We moved in last August. If you know anything about Oklahoma weather, August is the hottest part of summer.  And when we say hot, we mean between 90 and 102. Dry, and too hot to work in the yard.  As well as, our public school system starts up mid August. And my sons travel hockey season starts full force with practices and off ice times 2-3 times a week. The season opener is over Labor Day weekend until the season ends in March sometimes through April. He plays in an out of town league, Dallas Stars, due to the fact that Oklahoma’s hockey market is not large enough.  But enough hockey talk, I’ll write a separate blog for that soon!!

I also work for the Edmond Public school system as a support employee.  I am a lunch lady. ~ Lol ~ Actually, I manage a middle school kitchen that feeds approximately 700 students and staff a day. But enough about that, another blog to come soon!!

So, besides the basic mow and edge, not much yard-work got done after our August 2017 move in.

Forward to May 2018. And several indoor projects being done over the winter months.

Now for the warmer weather and the outdoor work! Here are some pictures of the large, overgrown Bradford pear trees that we inherited in our backyard.  This was the first project that we started 3 weeks ago, due to the fact that the Oklahoma storms reek havoc on their weak branches, and will split the trees in half if given the chance. 20180513_163557.jpg20180513_163603.jpgAs you know, tree trimming, removal, etc. is quite expensive. And given my current occupation, which allows me the luxury of holidays and summers off with the kids, paying someone to trim our trees is out of our budget. So, we take matters into our own hands.  Which turned out to be kinda fun. Despite the debris removal.


We pay for 2 trash receptacles every month.  We obviously use them to capacity every spring and summer!! Winter not so much, but we think it pays off in the long run! So, fill the extra trash can to capacity every week until its gone.  Then cut up the branches for the fire-pit, which will come when we get the rest of the back yard organized!!


Above are the before and after shots of the ring around our tree in the front yard. This was the Mothers day project.  Thanks to Home Depot for the stone pavers, top soil, Miracle grow Potting soil, Hostas, Caladiums, and ground cover.  Oh, and the black mulch! It looks great!!  Now I can’t wait to do the same under our front window. I will use the same stone pavers, pull out the old ugly shrubs, and make it beautiful again!


We have been seeding the yard and got some much needed rain the past couple of days. So I am hoping for some beautiful green grass this weekend when I mow! And I will get started pulling out those bushes. Hopefully with the wet ground it will be easier! I will keep you updated on our progress!

Back to the title: Beautify our yard and relaxes my soul, is exactly what all this hard work does.


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