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Have I mentioned my love for shoes?  Shoes can make or break any outfit.  They can dress up a pair of jeans and dress down a business work outfit. They can carry you through a long day, and they can make you miserable all day if they do not fit well.

I live in a house full of men.  Most of which will opt for a single pair of shoes.  They prefer to wear one pair until they are worn through.  According to the males in my house, a primary pair of almost all black tennis shoes will do for most any outfit.  My husband is the exception having multiple pairs of shoes, but truth be known he would select a pair of dark grey, Brooks, walking tennis shoes any day if he could.

As a woman, I find shoes delightful. It is one of the best benefits of belonging to the female species.  Shoes, purses and great girlfriends. I am keenly aware of shoes, shoes for work, shoes to run in, shoes for comfort, shoes for dressing up, shoes for long walks, shoes for the beach, shoes for hiking, shoes for climbing, and shoes for lounging.

There are so many reasons to own more than a single pair.

Most women love shoes.  We have been known to torture ourselves for a good-looking pair of fashion shoes or boots.  As the years have passed, and my running days have become walking days, I find that comfort is extremely important.  Due to my growing desire to have happy feet, I am in constant search of good shoes for women to wear at work.

This week I celebrate women and the shoes they wear.

Registered Nurse Shoes (OKC-RKF 2018)

RN Shoes
My first pair of shoes is a photo of my sister in her working shoes.  She is a Registered Nurse and shoes must be practical and withstand long hours.  Secretly I know that tennis shoes (running shoes) are her favorite shoes, and I have often wondered if she chose this profession just so she could wear the shoes she loves every day.

Social Media Content Creator (DJ May 2018)

CreativeDJ (2)

These shoes support the fast moving feet of a Social Media Content Creator.  These are stylish, yet practical.  The pair featured are  Bandolino with a very short heel and a pointy toe to give a longer leg appearance, especially with a pair of straight black slacks.  They go great with any dress blouse and they project a business and functional vibe for a profession requiring function and creativity.

Food & Nutrition Management (Lu68 2018)

FoodService Mgmnt
My next favorite is a working shoe for Food & Nutritional Services.  Again, a job that requires quick movement, long hours, and stability.  The profession requires non-slip shoes that lace up for stability.  Rubber soles are the only way to go when managing a large kitchen, serving many meals per day.  My good friend Lu recommends Shoes For Crews for any woman working in food and nutrition, requiring comfort, yet stylish old-school sneaker cushion.
Personal Assitant (2018)

Personal Assistant
These shoes are also non-slip, worn for comfort, and they have some flair!  These shoes belong to a personal assistant. She runs errands, is on her feet, needs to go outside and then run back inside, may need to work in a professional office, run to the dry cleaner, then run dogs to the vet, drop by the bank, pick up some groceries, drop of some flowers and chauffer some foreign visitors from out of town.  Just a standard days work for a professional personal assistant.

Consultant Shoes (2018 CC)


These are my work shoes.  Business office heels.  Not nearly as comfortable, but sitting at a desk behind a computer screen does not necessarily require non-slip soles.  Unless traveling for meetings, these heels will do just fine for the daily office routine.  These are comfortable (for a heel) and these featured here are a pair of Clavin Klein pointy toe pumps.  They have a leather upper and a synthetic lining and sole for comfort.

Both work outfits can quickly be exchanged with a pair of flats for quicker walking or travel.

Cole Haan flats

ColeHaan Flats

These are dressy, have a firm sole, and can be worn with a skirt, or dress slacks, as long as the slacks are not too long.  The pointy toe flats are my favorites and these shoes have traveled the world, literally.

Shoe Fashion Fun


Finally a little fun.

These shoes are for after work. Maybe a date night with my husband, a concert, or for Girls Night Out.  More comfort, but a bit of heel to increase the style.

Whatever your occupation is, I wish you much joy as you select your shoes for the day.  May they be comfortable, stylish and most of all may they represent your inner shoe glam!

Please stay tuned for beach shoes, activewear, and of course boots!

4 thoughts on “Fashion: Working Woman Shoes

  1. leighchardonnay says:

    Oh dear. Shoes are my weakness followed by purses as a close second. The last few years have required me to stop wearing my beautiful shoes (heels of every possible color and style) and I now have a growing collection of comfortable flats and athletic shoes (even though I’m not athletic but I’m trying to walk more ). I have recently discovered I may need some foot surgery so that I can continue to walk, stand on my feet for extended periods of time (work related) and hopefully get to wear more of my pretty shoes carefully stored in my closet in clear plastic shoe boxes. I love to admire them.

  2. Cate says:

    You might try adding some insoles to your daily walking shoes. I use them in my asic running shoes and they make a big difference. I also switch out my running shoes for my hiking Merrell shoes on the weekend if my feet are bothering me. They have a hard sole and are fantastic for hiking on loose gravel and they can also protect my feet on a regular walk if they are feeling sore that week.

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