roses, purple salvia, pink salvia, Indian Blanket

Garden Glory

I’m a farm girl from Wisconsin. Grew up with a large vegetable garden and my mother LOVED flowers so we had a HUGE flower bed in front of our house. Like LU68 gardening nourishes my soul.

Thought I would share a few pics from my yard/herb garden.

roses, purple salvia, pink salvia, Indian BlanketSaturday morning found me going to see an old friend, so I cut her some herb bundles. Sage, thyme, and oregano wrapped with kitchen string. Such a fun little gift. She can put it in water and use it now, or hang it upside down in a cool dry space, and use it later. (and enjoy the aroma as they dry) I also picked her some mint. We ALL love to drink mojitos!





My Lavender was also in FULL bloom. So I picked it and wrapped it up in kitchen sting as well. I thought it would be fun to dry it in the guest bathroom. I will later add it to a bundle I have from last year. But I think, the key to getting the lavender to bloom all season is to cut it once it blooms so it will bloom again. Fingers crossed I have that right.


Drying Lavender

And now the bathroom smells AMAZING!!!!!!

My last picture is of some of the flowers in the yard: Roses in my back yard and then Pink and Purple salvia and Indian Blanket from my front yard. Flowers make me so happy! As the season progresses, more picture to come!

roses, purple salvia, pink salvia, Indian Blanket

Happy Gardening!!!!!


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