Book Review: The Break Down

Book Review: The Break Down

Author: P.A. Paris

2/5 Stars

This is a brief review of a book that caught my attention briefly.  The book starts out with the promise of a good read about a recently wed woman, Cass, struggling with regret about not helping a female driver stranded alone on a deserted road in a rainstorm.  The stranded driver is reported “brutally murdered” the following day on the local news.  This news leaves Cass distraught and full of remorse for not stopping to help.

The book drags on and on with the main character coping with deep regret to the point of dysfunction.  Cass finds that she is forgetting everything and she doesn’t know if she is exhibiting symptoms of early onset dementia or if the forgetfulness is only stress related to the recent murder.

The author does little to build the main character or the plot.  The reader is left to wonder how much of the story is actual reality or if the story is all in the mind of the forgetful character.  After reading many chapters of the main character’s episodes of forgetfulness, and fretting about the murderer who is still at large, the book suddenly wraps it all up.

The author writes well, but the plot could have been developed more and the motivation of secondary characters could have used some building. This book is a filler book, much like watching a basic channel cable show because it is not primetime and Netflix isn’t available.

I rate this book 2 out of 5 stars.

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