I miss my old yard…..



This was my yard. This was my yard in a house my husband and I bought 19 years ago.  I put 19 years of sweat and tears into this yard.  I was proud of this yard.  Every spring I would spend hours watching what was going to come up, and during the summer, I would spend time in it, watering and caring for it until fall, when I would rake leaves and cut back dead foliage, all would go dormant.


We moved last August into a new, much needed, bigger house.  We have 2 teenage children with teenage friends.  The 4 of us are very social, and the small house we called home was not big enough for us anymore. Actually we outgrew it a few years ago but took us this long to realize and decide to sell and move. Now the kids have their space and so do we!!

I miss my yard. This yard needs much work. It’s a blank slate. As did the house of 19 years.  I have my work cut out for me though as I am 19 years older as well!!

Slowly but surely, between herbs from friends, wild flower seeds from from family gardens, torn out bushes, tree branches cut, and some sweat and love, it will get there, just like the old yard I miss so much.

After tearing out the old ring around the tree in the front yard, I had some brick edgers now that I could use somewhere else! (Refer to Yardwork beautifies the yard and relaxes my soul for pictures before).  I made 2 small flowerbeds against the back fence.  One bed has 3 rose bushes, a couple of jalapeno plants, and a few annuals in it.  The other has a few annuals as well, and some freshly planted basil and rosemary given to me by Debrajane and some wildflower seeds that are sprouting! Debrajane also gave me some mint, which I keep in a pot due to it being so invasive.  I am so lucky to have friends that enjoy gardening as much as I do.  And that like to share!!



I have full confidence that I will love this yard as much or more than the last.  And someday when we move out of this house, I will miss this yard as much or more than the other.

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