DIY Birdbaths

I love to recycle things.  One mans trash is another man’s treasure! I also love a good garage sale.  My husband and I got up the weekend before Mother’s day and headed out to go Garage Sale-ing, as I call it! We came upon a woman’s yard that was filled with up-cycled things!  A couple of them caught our eye.  What a great idea for Mother’s day!  I did not have time that week to hunt for the perfect junks to make these ideas, so we purchased them.  They made great gifts for my Mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

Forward to a few weeks later. School is out, and we are on an epic adventure to California from Oklahoma.  There will be some hotels along the way. But when we get there we will be staying with some family.  And what a better way to thank them then with an up-cycled gift made by me for their yard!

My other favorite place to find great deals on treasures, is the local Salvation Army store!  They have daily half price specials, and I try to wander in any extra minute I get! Today it was half price off blue stickers! I was in luck! Here are some of the things I found:

Some of the purchases were green tags, but still a huge bargain.  I did not pay any more than $7 for any of these pieces. So I know they look like candle sticks and glass or ceramic bowls. One of them is actually a metal vase. That was the one I had a hard time finding a bowl for and was not my favorite. Until I had an idea!!  A terra cotta saucer! Perfect!! 20180530_161333_film3

I was so excited!! I purchased the saucer and some cans of Rust-oleum spray paint from our local Walmart! I also needed some heavy duty, waterproof glue. I got the ever popular E6000 glue. Perfect! Now let the creativity begin!


The finished products!!  None of these bird baths cost me more than $12 total. After paint, glue, and thrift store or garage sale finds! I love them! Each one unique, and will look great in the yard or garden.   The one on the far right is a metal vase with the terra cotta saucer attached.  The other three were candle sticks! The second from the left I had to remove a small spike made to hold the candle in place, but that was easy to do. The first candle stick on the left is made of wood, the second was also wood, the third is ceramic, and the last one, as I stated before, is actually a metal vase! I hope they love them as much as I do!! I can’t wait to make one of my own to keep!!

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    • Lu68 says:

      Thanks! I just made 3 more! It’s so fun to create! The yellow and green one I have added some beads to it to make it sparkle a bit in the sun!

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