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Even if you are at the beach during a sub-tropical storm, Alberto, the beach weather is a good reminder to take care of your skin no matter what the sky implies.  The first day, pre-Alberto, was misleading.  Overcast and clouds in the sky were deceptive to those of us leaning toward ignoring the application of sunscreen.  Fortunately, the subtropical storm allowed us with a few rainy days of skin care recovery and preparation for the sunny days to come mid-week.

You may recall some of the following products from an earlier blog Health and Beauty: Moisturizing Skin Care 

A few additional skin care products have been included specifically to block the sun or for after sun care, if necessary.

Cruzn Cate Sunscreen fav's

The first is your standard Hawaiian tropic with a low SPF 4.  This is good for olive skin tones and doesn’t block much sun but it does allow someone with olive skin to spend day after day in the direct sun at the beach for long hours.

The second skin care product, Arizona Sun, is a sunscreen lotion I picked up when hiking in Phoenix, Arizona last year.  I was unprepared for the sun and found on day two of hiking that it would be enjoyed more with some light skin sunscreen protection.  This product spreads easily and it blocks the sun.  It advertises as PABA free. I purchased a low SPF and found that it was all I needed and that it was light on the skin.

The third sunscreen product, equate Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 sports product, is the ultimate sun blocker.  It advertises as 80 minutes of protection, but I found if applied 30 minutes prior to sun exposure, it would protect my fair-skinned boys all afternoon in direct beach sun. The Equate brand is a Wal-Mart brand and it is less expensive but every bit as effective as many of the high-end products.  It spreads incredibly thick and it was almost impossible to remove from my hands after applying it to one of my boys.  It reminded me of the old baby diaper rash creme,  It was like a layer of skin being applied and no sun or really anything could penetrate.  After applying it to one of the boys I spent the next thirty minutes trying to wipe it off my hands. It definitely worked, blocking the sun and everything else.

Neutrogena Sport face, not nearly as paste-like, and made for the face.  It absorbs into the skin quickly and does what it is intended to do, block all sun.  I know I have mentioned it before but I LOVE NEUTROGENA products, and so does my skin.

Equate Aloe Gel

Finally,  if you misapplied or failed to apply sunscreen at all due to the cloud coverage or deceptive beach skies there is always equate Sunburn relief Gel to help with the healing process.  Again, the equate brand is just as good as the other name brand products, sold at Walmart and is only $3.98 at most locations for a 20oz bottle.  My oldest son used this for three days this week after falling victim to deceptive sub-tropical storm overcast skies.

Enjoy your days at the beach, and remember to lather up before and after your day at the beach, and to take care of your skin no matter what type of skin you have.

CruznCate enjoy the sun



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