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Summer Meal: Marinated Mushroom Caps

Last week I shared a couple of my favorite summer sandwich options that are easy to make, taste delicious, and keep the kitchen from overheating during the warmer weather.

Another favorite lite summer meal of mine that has limited calories, and can be cooked on a grill or stove, is marinated Portobello mushroom caps.  I prefer to use large Portobello mushroom caps.

Marinade ingredients:

  • Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar (Williams-Sonoma house OO & Olivier 25-year Barrel-aged balsamic vinegar)
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Lemon juice
  • Season salt

Mushroom Cap Prep

Place the caps in a large plate or even a zip-lock bag if you do not have a large enough plate. I use a pie plate so that I can let the marinade sit in the upside down caps.  Pour the marinade over the caps and sprinkle with season salt.  Let the caps marinade for 20 minutes or more at the room temperature.

In the meantime, prepare the tomato relish.  Dice a large Roma tomato or two small tomatoes in a small bowl.   Add fresh rosemary (remove stems) and drizzle Olive Oil over the diced tomatoes and fresh rosemary.  Add salt and pepper to taste and let the relish sit.

tomatoand rosmary relish.JPG

The caps can be grilled on a grill outside or cooked inside in a pan. I like the juice of the marinade and if not watched closely on the grill it can quickly be overcooked if the grill is too hot.  My preference is to cook the caps in a frying pan on the stove so that the caps simmer in the marinade.  Place the caps face down in the pan and sprinkle season salts on outside of caps (hold the extra marinade in the pie pan or bag).

Let the caps cook on low-medium for 10-15 minutes. If the mushroom caps are thick, cook for a longer period of time.  Turn the caps.  Now pour the remaining marinade back into the caps.  Let simmer 3-5 minutes and spoon the tomato-rosemary relish on top.

Mushroom Cap grill.JPG

Add provolone cheese slices on top of the relish covering each Portobello cap.

Provolone Caps

Cover with a lid and let it simmer on low for another 2-3 minutes to allow the provolone cheese time to melt.


Once melted to your desired taste, these Portobello marinated mushroom caps are ready to serve.  If the side is not ready just turn off the stove and place the lid on to keep warm.

These marinated mushroom caps have a flavor similar to a steak.  They have less than 50 total calories, without the cheese.  Adding a slice of provolone cheese will add calcium and approximately 100 calories.

When the cheese is melted to your desire, serve it immediately.  I usually serve vegetarian meals with a side of cottage cheese to meet my protein goal for the day.

One cup of cottage cheese has approximately 125 calories and 25 g protein.

You can leave the cheese off if you would like a visually more appealing photo.  The menu on display in this blog post is a rough total calorie count as follows:

  1. Marinated mushroom caps – 50 calories
  2. Cottage cheese, 1 cup 125 calories
  3. Toad Hollow-Chardonnay- 5oz – 95 calories
  4. Butter leaf lettuce  5 calories
  5. Two diced Roma Tomatoes – 70 calories
  6. Provolone Cheese slice – 98 calories

A total calorie meal (with wine) of an estimated 450 calories.

Mushroom Caps served.JPG

Happy summer eats!

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