Avocado Toast. It’s a thing, and I love it!

My family and I just recently visited my birthplace, California. My 17 year old daughter is determined to go to college there. She is an aspiring director, writer, and film producer.

So we packed up the car and made it a family trip. Several (9) college visits and some visiting with family all packed in 10 days.

It had been 15 years since I visited. Lot’s of things I missed, and several I did not.

One of the things I did miss was the readily available fruits and vegetables. They are so fresh and colorful.

Strawberries, tomatoes, tangerines, cherries, the list could go on. But Avocados is what we’re here to talk about!

Avocados was not a thing I ate while growing up as a kid in California. I do remember the love my mother had of them. My picky father not so much. But, as I have grown, I have come to love them very much! And the fact they are so good for you.

Thankfully, because we did drive on our trip, we we’re able to stop at the local Safeway before we left sunny California. I filled the basket with sourdough bread, locally made hard salami, cherries, and Linguica, a Portuguese sausage. None of which are readily available in Oklahoma.

Can you believe I forgot avocados?

Of course when we got home I had to visit the grocery store. And I went straight to the avocados!

I have been hearing the buzz about avocado toast. And I have to confess, I have never tried it. Avocado with eggs and salsa, or on a turkey sandwich, or with a burger, and don’t forget with tacos. Yes, I have eaten all of those. But never Avocado toast.

So this morning I got on Pinterest and looked it up. First recipe I saw went something like this:

I sliced and toasted the sourdough bread I bought in Cali, smashed some avocado slices on it, drizzled it with olive oil and lime juice, then sprinkled it with red pepper flakes and salt and pepper.


Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

It was amazing! I am in love!

There were several ways to serve it.  All open faced on toasted bread. Sourdough, whole grain, french bread.  And with pesto, or tomatoes, or a poached or fried egg on top.  All things I am going to explore! And just because it is toast, doesn’t mean it has to be for breakfast!

Try it today!

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