Summer Hair Care

Not only do we need to take care of our skin Health & Beauty: More Skin Care Products during the summer months but also our hair. I have dark hair that in recent years has been sun-kissed by a white angel, leaving me with some natural highlights at the crown. I like natural and though I have played with many shades of color and highlights over the years I’d love to let it go.  For the past year, I have been coloring my hair with a temporary color in an attempt to go natural soon.

If washed every other day with ColorProof shampoo the temporary color lasts about six weeks.  These are two of my favorites.  The super rich moisturizing conditioner leaves my hair smelling like mint.

A few of my other favorite ColorProof products are the WickedGood Weightless Shine Spray, good for use on day two of no washing.  The TextureCharge gives extra lift and on day one of washing can be used as a finishing spray.  The Super Skinny Serum is perfect for silky hair.  A little bit goes a long way.  I like to put it on the ends of my hair on day two or three and let it moisturize it.  Color Care Continued

A good friend of mine gave me a bottle of dry shampoo to use when I had surgery last summer which left me unable to wash my hair for 7-10 days.  This Rockaholic dry shampoo by Bed Head smells great and does not leave a film on my head or hair.  I was grateful to my friend for passing it along to me in my time of need.


Finally, I love Big Sexy Hair products.  I have used so many of them and I always carry the travel size root pump and get layered spray with me on work travel trips.

My favorite product is the Root Pump.  Spray it on the roots of wet hair before blow drying and it provides lift and volume for two days.  The Get Layered Spray is a flash dry hairspray that is light and does not leave any hairspray film on my hair.  If you prefer a firmer hold, try the Spray & Play Volumizing hairspray or the Spray & Hold. The Full Bloom product is a blow out spray which provides volume for up to 3 days.


All are great products and they make many of these in travel sizes and often can be purchased at a discount if buying two or more.

Take care of your hair and enjoy the summer months using these great hair care products!

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