Chicago Sunset Sailing

The last week of June is prime time for many EdTech association conferences.  This year the location was in Chicago.  Chicago is a wonderful location for a business conference.  So much to do, and see, and the weather was perfect in the mid to upper 70s.

On this business trip, I found myself pleased to have 5 of my good colleagues from the Oklahoma City office with me.  It is not often that a group of us are traveling together to the same location so we seized the opportunity to try something new and we booked a sunset sail with Chicago Sailboat Charters.


When we arrived at the dock we were greeted by our Captain, Nick, and his first mate the lovely Nikita.  They had arranged to pick up our catered food, of which there was plenty.

We climbed aboard the Verloren sailboat and set sail to watch the sunset over the city of  Chicago. The weather was perfect and the sky cooperated for a beautiful evening.

Chicago sunset 2

As the sun settled, and the sky grew darker, the city of Chicago lit up.  It was an impressive view.  If you find yourself in Chicago sometime soon I encourage you to take a sunset sail.  This view of the city is magnificent, and the sailboat service by Captain and crew was exceptional.



Here’s to smooth sailing!

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