Note Cards

I love note cards!! I use them for everything from grocery lists to morning notes for the kids on their way to school.  They are the perfect size and strength to stand up to my messy writing. They fit everywhere, in a pocket, in a purse, in a lunch box, or in an envelope!  I keep them in my car, next to my phone at work, in my purse, and anywhere I may need to write something down.  I know, I know, there are apps for that, but I like being old school.  It seems to mean more to me that someone took the time to write something on a note card instead of texting or messaging.  And, they are inexpensive compared to post it notes!!

My favorite thing to use them for is a grocery list, they fit nicely in my hand and are sturdy enough I can check things off as I go along without having to put it against something to write.

You can fold them and make them stand up. You can hold them together with a rubber band or a small binder clip.  You can slip them under someones windshield wiper if you need to leave a friendly reminder to someone not to take up 2 parking spaces!!  LOL

Okay, I’m going on and on.  But honestly, next time you are at the Dollar Store pick up a package of note cards. Lined or blank, or different colors, it’s your choice.  Then leave them laying around.  Soon you will find yourself using them all the time!! I promise.

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