Cruz’n Cate & Friends is a brainchild of 3 friends who live in OKC. I’m the reason that Lu68 and Debra Jane know each other, they were introduced to each other while a part of a group called Circle of Friends.

Crusin Cate & Friends

Circle of Friends was formed by a group of young ladies, more than two decades ago. They met often, to eat and discuss love and life.  The group had many good times together sharing meals, attending events, raising money for local charities and volunteering at local community centers.  Over the years the friends each experienced life through many changes with each wandering in different directions.  Some moved, some married, divorced, had children, had more children, changed careers, created careers, volunteered, and tragically experienced the loss of loved ones. And as life happens we tended to lose touch and the group dissolved.

As women its easy to let your family and work consume your lives and you forget to “feed” yourself. In the Spring of 2017, Debra Jane, now in her early 50’s, found herself “craving” some girl time. She reached out to me to plan a get-together and suggested a weeknight dinner out with Lu. We met for dinner and 3 hours later left feeling invigorated, refreshed and charged to do what we need to do.

Now we have a night out once a month. We each take turns “selecting” where to go and we try to go someplace different each time. After all, that is our point, get out of the doldrum routine that often takes over the life of an aging woman.

What we have found is that we each bring different strengths, weakness, perspectives to our little circle…and we wouldn’t be good aging women if we didn’t share with others the things we have learned along the way…or get advice from other women. So, we decided to start “Friends of Crusin Cate.” A blog celebrating women and encouraging this idea of “girlfriends”.

Life is a journey with experience and lessons learned from one place to another over the course of time.  Cherish your girlfriends, and let them know that you are there, even if the journey has created distance or altered your path or direction.  Good friendships weather time, and as the paths cross again reach out to reconnect with those who have been a part of your journey.  You will not regret it as friendship is beautiful, and life is wonderful with girlfriends to share it with.

Looking forward to the next 20 years of this journey.  May you each have your own circle of friends as you travel on your life journey. We hope that you will follow along with us.



Crusin Cate