Girls night out becomes girls night in!

As you know the three of us girls take turns planning our monthly girl’s night out! April was my turn. With the weather getting nicer, and the recent purchase of some new patio furniture, I thought it would be fun to change it up and do girls night in…on my back patio. As the weather … Continue reading Girls night out becomes girls night in!

life is a gift


Yesterday’s tragedy involving the Southwest airlines flight emergency landing due to an engine eruption and the resulting death of passenger Jennifer Riordan saddens me. Our prayers go out to the family of this strong, vibrant woman. Last week in Lu’s #sticksoutforhumboldt, we sent our prayers to the families and loved ones of the hockey players … Continue reading LIFE IS A GIFT

carry on zipper bag contents

Tips for Traveling: The Travel Carry on

One of my favorite parts of travel is people watching. Especially at the airport. I like watching people and what they are wearing, what kind of shoes do they have one, and what type of carry on bag are they using. I am always envious of the woman with the big Purse tote. It is … Continue reading Tips for Traveling: The Travel Carry on

Creative Mornings OKC

Last night, I’m piddling on the computer, looking at flights, dreaming about get a away, checked to see if anything interesting going on in my LinkedIn and something there reminded me that I hadn’t seen my monthly invite from Creative Mornings for April. So, I hoped over to their website to see when it is…I … Continue reading Creative Mornings OKC