Yummy Tuna Pasta Salad

Yummy Tuna Macaroni (Pasta) Salad

As a farm girl from rural Wisconsin, summer meant hot weather, no air conditioning, helping in the garden and often “cold suppers’. Sunday lunch was usually a beef roast, which we sliced for sandwiches on homemade bread during the week served with cucumber salad or fresh strawberry shortcake. Or one of my favorite summer cold … Continue reading Yummy Tuna Macaroni (Pasta) Salad

Leo loves to play with kitchen toys

9 Tips for a safe trip to Grandmother’s house

Or in my case, Papa Dale’s and Momma Deb’s house.  We tried “Nana Deb” but too many people already call me “Momma Deb” that it just seemed natural to keep it going. In the last 3 years, we have been blessed with 3 adorable grandsons.  Len, age three, is our honorary grandson, a feisty little … Continue reading 9 Tips for a safe trip to Grandmother’s house

Girls night out becomes girls night in!

As you know the three of us girls take turns planning our monthly girl’s night out! April was my turn. With the weather getting nicer, and the recent purchase of some new patio furniture, I thought it would be fun to change it up and do girls night in…on my back patio. As the weather … Continue reading Girls night out becomes girls night in!

life is a gift


Yesterday’s tragedy involving the Southwest airlines flight emergency landing due to an engine eruption and the resulting death of passenger Jennifer Riordan saddens me. Our prayers go out to the family of this strong, vibrant woman. Last week in Lu’s #sticksoutforhumboldt, we sent our prayers to the families and loved ones of the hockey players … Continue reading LIFE IS A GIFT