Carpe Diem

Debrajanes mur de plaques inspired me to blog about this gallery wall in my house.  It's got a bit of a garden theme to it.  I love how it turned out. It started with the needlepoint picture of geraniums that my mother did.  We moved her out to California to live with her sisters a year ago. … Continue reading Carpe Diem

Girls night out becomes girls night in!

    Once a month continues! via Girls night out becomes girls night in! This time we met at DebraJane's home. The weather was perfect for the patio. I brought an appetizer, toasted tortellini,, with my favorite for dipping, and bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. CrusinCate brought an appetizer and bottle of wine as … Continue reading Girls night out becomes girls night in!

Rainy Saturday

Things have slowly started to happen in the yard! We have been trimming the 2 large overgrown Bradford pear trees in the back yard 2 weekends in a row, Between spring birthdays and prom, and friends and cousins graduations, and my son’s 8th grade promotion onto High School. We have been fitting in a few small clean up projects here and there. More to come this weekend, so I hope to get some pictures posted soon!! That was my wish for this upcoming Mothers day! After volunteering for my sons hockey association Saturday for a car show I’m hoping for a full day in the yard!!


As I sit here on this chilly rainy Saturday pouting because its too cold for just a t-shirt I have to wear a sweater.  I refuse to wear socks, so my feet are blue from being so cold. I also know that we need this rain. The rain will make everything green and lush and ready to cut and edge.  So I wait………

I do most of the yardwork.  I like to mow and edge. We had a beautiful back yard in our house of 19 years.  Took lots of sweat and mistakes to get it that way.  I was proud of it.  We moved into our new larger home last August so we could have more space.  We have 2 teenagers, they are bigger, and so are their friends.  We all needed more space!  So from 3 bedrooms to 4 we went.

The front yard is typical, basic shrubs…

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