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Garden Glory

I'm a farm girl from Wisconsin. Grew up with a large vegetable garden and my mother LOVED flowers so we had a HUGE flower bed in front of our house. Like LU68 gardening nourishes my soul. Thought I would share a few pics from my yard/herb garden. Saturday morning found me going to see an … Continue reading Garden Glory

Rainy Saturday

Things have slowly started to happen in the yard! We have been trimming the 2 large overgrown Bradford pear trees in the back yard 2 weekends in a row, Between spring birthdays and prom, and friends and cousins graduations, and my son’s 8th grade promotion onto High School. We have been fitting in a few small clean up projects here and there. More to come this weekend, so I hope to get some pictures posted soon!! That was my wish for this upcoming Mothers day! After volunteering for my sons hockey association Saturday for a car show I’m hoping for a full day in the yard!!


As I sit here on this chilly rainy Saturday pouting because its too cold for just a t-shirt I have to wear a sweater.  I refuse to wear socks, so my feet are blue from being so cold. I also know that we need this rain. The rain will make everything green and lush and ready to cut and edge.  So I wait………

I do most of the yardwork.  I like to mow and edge. We had a beautiful back yard in our house of 19 years.  Took lots of sweat and mistakes to get it that way.  I was proud of it.  We moved into our new larger home last August so we could have more space.  We have 2 teenagers, they are bigger, and so are their friends.  We all needed more space!  So from 3 bedrooms to 4 we went.

The front yard is typical, basic shrubs…

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Festival of Art

One of the many things that I love about spring and early summer are the festivals and events hosted outdoors.  In Oklahoma, late April and May, there are many festivals, marathons, and other events sponsored each weekend.  These events are a sign of the season and they each provide culture for our community.  This weekend, … Continue reading Festival of Art