Avocado Toast. It’s a thing, and I love it!

My family and I just recently visited my birthplace, California. My 17 year old daughter is determined to go to college there. She is an aspiring director, writer, and film producer. So we packed up the car and made it a family trip. Several (9) college visits and some visiting with family all packed in … Continue reading Avocado Toast. It’s a thing, and I love it!

Health & Beauty: More Skin Care Products

Even if you are at the beach during a sub-tropical storm, Alberto, the beach weather is a good reminder to take care of your skin no matter what the sky implies.  The first day, pre-Alberto, was misleading.  Overcast and clouds in the sky were deceptive to those of us leaning toward ignoring the application of … Continue reading Health & Beauty: More Skin Care Products

Book Review: The Obsession

The Obsession Author: Nora Roberts Publisher: Berkley 2016, ISBN: 978-0-399-17516-9 This book was a delightful surprise summer read.  I picked this book up at the local books store, on sale, in hardback.  I chose to bring this book, as a quick read, on my trip this week to have as a placeholder prior to reading … Continue reading Book Review: The Obsession

Summer Sandwich Options

With summer upon us, I find that cooking a heavy meal is just not my highest priority after work during the weekday.   My go-to summer quick fix is a sandwich and something light on the side.  Here are a few of my favorite summer sandwiches. The cucumber, avocado and cream cheese summer sandwich: First, pop … Continue reading Summer Sandwich Options