Festival of Art

One of the many things that I love about spring and early summer are the festivals and events hosted outdoors.  In Oklahoma, late April and May, there are many festivals, marathons, and other events sponsored each weekend.  These events are a sign of the season and they each provide culture for our community.  This weekend, … Continue reading Festival of Art

Lowcountry Boil

This week my occupation took me to Charleston, South Carolina for a spring industry meeting.  As usual, I left Oklahoma bright and early on Tuesday morning and headed through Atlanta to Charleston, SC.  My arrrival was a day late to the meeting, but in time for the primary industry speaker scheduled to attend on Wednesday.  … Continue reading Lowcountry Boil

Mar de Plaques

mur de plaques

I have this wall in the breakfast area, that had nothing on it. I have spent the last year contemplating what to put there. Our last house we lived in for almost 26 years. It seemed like it gradually got cluttered, and it wasn’t until I was de-cluttering for the selling process that I realized … Continue reading mur de plaques


Happy May Day

  HAPPY MAY DAY! Many of you may think what the Heck? Don’t you mean happy May? Because today is May first. No, I mean Happy May Day! Ever since I was a little girl, "May Day" has been, perhaps, a delightfully silly, but very special “holiday” to me. A slightly old fashioned Northern Tradition. … Continue reading Happy May Day