Border Collie

Work Like a Border Collie

During the day I spend a significant time with a computer, in meetings and traveling to meetings.  I enjoy what I do, like who I work with, and like helping the clients that I work for.  This work keeps my mind active, and it has me striving to improve my skills, and sharpen my focus … Continue reading Work Like a Border Collie

life is a gift


Yesterday’s tragedy involving the Southwest airlines flight emergency landing due to an engine eruption and the resulting death of passenger Jennifer Riordan saddens me. Our prayers go out to the family of this strong, vibrant woman. Last week in Lu’s #sticksoutforhumboldt, we sent our prayers to the families and loved ones of the hockey players … Continue reading LIFE IS A GIFT

Tuesday Travel Thoughts

This morning I left Oklahoma City at 7:00 am for scheduled meetings in Washington D.C. this afternoon and tomorrow.  As I prepared to catch my Uber ride to the Will Rogers World Airport, I thought of  Debra Jane’s recent blog, Tips for Traveling.  It is a great blog with lots of helpful tips, such as making … Continue reading Tuesday Travel Thoughts

Leadership Lessons & Meeting Management Tips:

This weeks leadership lessons  come from my attendance at the Oklahoma City Cox event center 2018 annual  Women in Leadership Conference.  The event had a full attendance, and the day was invigorating with a panel of excellent speakers and topics.  Using my standard goal (Leadership Lunch Notes) of gathering three tips to keep my mind from … Continue reading Leadership Lessons & Meeting Management Tips:

carry on zipper bag contents

Tips for Traveling: The Travel Carry on

One of my favorite parts of travel is people watching. Especially at the airport. I like watching people and what they are wearing, what kind of shoes do they have one, and what type of carry on bag are they using. I am always envious of the woman with the big Purse tote. It is … Continue reading Tips for Traveling: The Travel Carry on

The Morning Working Mom Routine

My morning routine involves as little talking as possible. The longer that I can have quiet time by myself in the morning, prior to full on conversation, the better it is for everyone in the Mommy splash zone.   Morning is not my favorite time of day, yet early rising is my routine.  My husband, shift … Continue reading The Morning Working Mom Routine

Creative Mornings OKC

Last night, I’m piddling on the computer, looking at flights, dreaming about get a away, checked to see if anything interesting going on in my LinkedIn and something there reminded me that I hadn’t seen my monthly invite from Creative Mornings for April. So, I hoped over to their website to see when it is…I … Continue reading Creative Mornings OKC


My son plays travel hockey. Has for 9 years now. 6 of those he has traveled. Hockey community is strong. We love this sport partially for that reason. There was a bus accident, horrible loss of Jr. hockey players, coach, and reporters. Usually there are flags half mast. This tragedy calls for sticks on the … Continue reading #sticksoutforhumboldt