Book Review: The Break Down

Book Review: The Break Down Author: P.A. Paris 2/5 Stars This is a brief review of a book that caught my attention briefly.  The book starts out with the promise of a good read about a recently wed woman, Cass, struggling with regret about not helping a female driver stranded alone on a deserted road … Continue reading Book Review: The Break Down

Health and Beauty: Moisturizing Skin Care

via Health and Beauty: Sun Burn Relief With summer upon us so quickly here in Oklahoma I found myself scrambling this weekend to locate last year’s skin care products. Fortunately, Debra Jane recently posted information about a good product for fair skin.  While I fully intend to purchase her product recommendation for my fair skin … Continue reading Health and Beauty: Moisturizing Skin Care

Movie Review: Breathe

Last week with my travel to Charleston, South Carolina (Lowcountry Boil), I enjoyed viewing an in-flight movie on the return trip home to Oklahoma.  When I travel for work I typically dedicate my outbound travel to preparing for the offsite meeting.  On the first leg of the return trip home, the time is dedicated to … Continue reading Movie Review: Breathe

Lowcountry Boil

This week my occupation took me to Charleston, South Carolina for a spring industry meeting.  As usual, I left Oklahoma bright and early on Tuesday morning and headed through Atlanta to Charleston, SC.  My arrrival was a day late to the meeting, but in time for the primary industry speaker scheduled to attend on Wednesday.  … Continue reading Lowcountry Boil

The House of Unexpected Sisters

It was a beautiful spring Oklahoma weekend.  The sun was shining and not a cloud in the sky.  For the first time this year I found myself with free time on my hands.  No weekend office work, no household chores, and no need to study for a night class I have been enrolled in this … Continue reading The House of Unexpected Sisters