Festival of Art

One of the many things that I love about spring and early summer are the festivals and events hosted outdoors.  In Oklahoma, late April and May, there are many festivals, marathons, and other events sponsored each weekend.  These events are a sign of the season and they each provide culture for our community.  This weekend, … Continue reading Festival of Art

Lowcountry Boil

This week my occupation took me to Charleston, South Carolina for a spring industry meeting.  As usual, I left Oklahoma bright and early on Tuesday morning and headed through Atlanta to Charleston, SC.  My arrrival was a day late to the meeting, but in time for the primary industry speaker scheduled to attend on Wednesday.  … Continue reading Lowcountry Boil

Tuesday Travel Thoughts

This morning I left Oklahoma City at 7:00 am for scheduled meetings in Washington D.C. this afternoon and tomorrow.  As I prepared to catch my Uber ride to the Will Rogers World Airport, I thought of  Debra Jane’s recent blog, Tips for Traveling.  It is a great blog with lots of helpful tips, such as making … Continue reading Tuesday Travel Thoughts

carry on zipper bag contents

Tips for Traveling: The Travel Carry on

One of my favorite parts of travel is people watching. Especially at the airport. I like watching people and what they are wearing, what kind of shoes do they have one, and what type of carry on bag are they using. I am always envious of the woman with the big Purse tote. It is … Continue reading Tips for Traveling: The Travel Carry on

Travel Bag Tips for Women

Ready Bag- Keep a small soft case carry-on for 1-2-day travel ready for weekly business travel and a slightly larger firmer travel bag for 3-5 day travel. With a carry-on bag, changing fights or opting for an earlier flight is much easier to do and having business attire with you always is essential when traveling … Continue reading Travel Bag Tips for Women